IT & Network Solutions in Adelaide

At State Technics we can custom build and completely maintain your business network from the ground up. We’ll find out exactly what you need and show you how your business network will look and operate. You’ll know where everything is and how it all comes together.

No Blind Spots – No Confusion – Just form, meeting function

As your business grows, so too will the nature of your network


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Small Network – 2-4 users

A small business will generally consists of 2-4 workstations and will probably only require the need to share certain files or documents with other users. These files are commonly stored on an admin computer. The network sharing is connected through a switch. This is known as a “Peer to Peer Network”.


Medium Network – 5-24 users

5-24 users simply require more function and work. A dedicated server is put in place to store and access files, data, user accounts, email; also to implement security, printing and remote desktop access.


Large Network – 25 users +

Whether on one site or multiple sites, the network will need a multiple server base to split tasks, maintain adequate performance, and reliability. Redundancy is assured through multiple storage facility on each server and/or via preferred backup servers. Each server will have its own dedicated assignments based on your network requirements. The location of any/all servers can be located at a main site or multiple sites accordingly.